Everlast Worldwide Inc. has signed another licensing agreement, this time with Manila-based WS Sports, Inc. for WS to manufacture and distribute Everlast-branded men's, women's and children's apparel, footwear, underwear, and socks in the Philippines. The new products are expected to be introduced by the fourth quarter of this year.

Seth Horowitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Everlast Worldwide, said, “The Philippines represent a high growth and relatively untapped market for Everlast. Given the island nation's heritage in the martial arts, and recent success in championship boxing, the Everlast brand name holds special meaning for its citizens and enjoys a high degree of consumer awareness. In addition to unparalleled knowledge of the sports apparel and footwear markets, WS Sports possesses many strengths, particularly in the areas of design, distribution and marketing and has a tremendous commitment to quality. We look forward to a successful launch of their Everlast products.”

Mr. Chim Esteban, President of WS Sports, Inc., added, “The Everlast brand has achieved what many brands strive for but few accomplish, namely an international reputation for quality and a universal appeal. We are also particularly impressed with the company's management team and its commitment to expand the brand in a controlled and highly strategic way as well as its deployment of highly impactful marketing and brand-building efforts.”