Rottefella will, through the purchase of NAXO, become a major player in the international Alpine Touring market. The purchase also confirms Rottefellas role as the world leading binding developer of “free heel” bindings.

The Norwegian company has a 40% market position of the total cross country binding market through its NNN system. The company is also market leader in telemark bindings. Rottefella recently announced a contract with Fischer which will make Rottefella the world leader in the market of cross country bindings.

The purchase of NAXO, gives Rottefella an immediate access into the Alpine Touring binding market and strengthens the position in Middle Europe. Naxo is today one of three producers of Alpine Touring bindings.

“This is strategically an important step for Rottefella. Our goal is to become the world leading developer of “free heel” bindings (75 mm telemark, NTN and Alpine Touring.) This market is growing rapidly and the purchase of Naxo will strengthen our position,” says Ulf Bjerknes, President of Rottefella.

Rottefella has purchased 62.5% of the shares in the Swiss company NAXO, and has an option during the next 3 years to purchase the remaining shares in the company. NAXO was established in 2001 and has during a short time become a very active player in the Alpine Touring marked. Naxo expects a world wide market share in 06/07 of approximately 20%.

Naxo bindings, with focus on Alpine stability, are specialized toward the fast growing “free ride” market. The company also enjoys a very good position in middle Europe and North America, which fits nicely in to Rottefellas ambitions in these important markets for the future.

“We have noticed for a long time now that Alpine Touring and “free ride” is becoming a fast growing new trend. This is also the reason why Rottefella is focusing hard on launching a new telemark system (NewTelemarkNorm). The idea behind NTN and the development of this product will coincide nicely with our investment into NAXO. The market of Alpine Touring is today almost twice the size of telemark and is expected to grow fast in the coming years. NTN will have a lot of similarities with Alpine Touring. Among many new features, the new NTN boot will have the same geometry as an Alpine Touring boot and will also fit into an Alpine Touring binding,” states Ulf Bjerknes.