Bliss for you and your shoes.

DryGuy is one of those products that you don’t know you can’t live without until you have tried it. The category of footwear and gear dryers is a very small niche market that the vast majority of people don’t even know exists. That’s the primary challenge for DryGuy — just getting people to acknowledge that the category is here.

DryGuy equipment extends the life of your footwear, eliminates odor by removing the moisture-rich breeding ground for fungus, and provides foot comfort in the morning with warm boots [and gloves].

A hair dryer will ruin your shoes.

DryGuy dryers on the other hand are designed to heat up to 105 degrees which is just warm enough to dry them out efficiently, remove the environment where fungus can breed without being so hot that it destroys your shoes.

Hairdryers can also shrivel materials, dry out glues and leathers, warp your shoes over time and even shrink certain sections depending on the material construction.

The point of Dry Guy is to have all of the benefits without the negatives.

There are two technologies to choose from depending on how quickly you want to dry your shoes or clothing. One machine uses convection dry while the other uses forced air.

Convection dry is typically a cheaper retail option that’s more of an overnight system whereas forced air dry is a premium product at a higher cost but cuts drying time to about an hour.

Both products are stationary machines that mount on a wall or floor. DryGuy also offers portable driers to take to the ski hill.

Both the convection and forced air products will remain the same for 2019/20 and no additional options will be available in DryGuy’s offerings. The brand told SGB that they are in in the exploratory phase of looking at options for 2020 — a wireless, rechargeable portable unit. For now, they are maintaining status quo and cognizant of not trying to do too much to the products while expanding the category as a whole.  Photos courtesy DryGuy