DNA Beverage Corp, an energy drink maker targeting the action sports community, has entered into a a sales, marketing and manufacturing agreement with Monogram Food Solutions for DNA branded meat snack products.

Monogram is the nation’s largest producer of American beef snacks and the country’s third largest overall meat snack producer.

Under the terms of the Agreement, Monogram will manufacture, market and sell the DNA branded meat snack products utilizing its existing sales, market and distribution platform. DNA will also market and sell the products, relying on its strong ties to the action sports arena in general and its title sponsorship of AMA Supercross, DNA Shred Stix Star Yamaha Racing Team, more specifically.

Wes Jackson, President of Monogram Food Solutions said, “We are extremely pleased to be partnering with DNA in the development of DNA Beef Jerky(TM) and DNA Shred Stix(TM), geared to the younger demographic where DNA has created a strong credible following.”

Jackson also stated, “It is a pleasure to be working with individuals whose tireless efforts and dedication to the success of this project mirrors that of our own.”

Darren Marks, President and CEO of DNA Beverage Corporation, added, “Monogram Food Solutions is a highly trusted name in the meat snack industry and is known for marketing innovations that has its brands among those that Americans favor. We look forward to our DNA Meat Snacks Products becoming one of the Country’s most loved and are focused on working hand-in-hand with Monogram’s Sales and Marketing Department to that end.”

Marks added, “As a new and relatively small company it is a great honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with the caliber of an organization like Monogram and its quality management team headed up by Wes Jackson its President and the former President of Sara Lee Foods Dinner Group.”

DNA Beef Jerky, DNA Shred Stix and DNA Energy Drinks are products of DNA Beverage Corporation. The company support action sports athletes, artists, and events on the local and national levels.