Coats Footwear and Lenzing Group partnered to produce “sustainable” footwear uppers and fabrics using Coats ProWeave technology and Lenzing’s Tencel Lyocell Filament.

The partnership includes weaving Tencel Lyocell Filament using ProWeave, a patented jacquard technology suitable for various fibers and yarns. It was also reported that Circle Sportswear would use the footwear uppers and fabrics in the prototype of its SuperNatural Runner.

For footwear brands, the collaboration should “improve supply chain traceability, bio-sustainability and lower the carbon footprint associated with producing uppers and fabrics for various applications.”

Paul Jackson, ProWeave business unit leader at Coats Footwear, said, “This is an incredibly exciting alliance for Coats Footwear, the Lenzing Group and the wider industry. From day one, it was clear this was a natural partnership. Both companies have combined objectives when it comes to sustainability. Independently, we are committed to helping companies lower the environmental impact of textile and footwear production processes by providing best-in-class materials and manufacturing technologies. Together, we’re revolutionizing the way uppers and materials can be made, giving footwear brands and manufacturers the chance to build high-level sustainable products in the most innovative way possible, with zero constraints on creativity.”

Nicole Schram, global business development manager, Apparel (Footwear) at Lenzing Group, said: “The footwear segment has always been innovative and offers endless possibilities for the development of technical applications of the Tencel brand. We are truly excited to partner with Coats Footwear to create exciting footwear uppers and fabrics that have botanic origins at heart. By combining the unique features of Tencel Lyocell staple fibers and filament and ProWeave technology, we believe the sky is the limit for the innovation of next-generation, planet-friendly footwear. We will continue to work closely with Coats Footwear and other industry partners to innovate materials for a dynamic footwear industry environment.”

Photo courtesy Circle Sportswear