Sometimes age is more than just a number, which holds true as Chums enters its 40th year as a manufacturer of eyewear retainers and outdoor accessories for dry-land and water-based activities.

Chums released a limited-edition capsule collection to celebrate this milestone, which precedes future new releases, including a revamped line of active bags and other limited-edition items curated from Chums’ Tokyo-based division.

Chums’ limited-edition 40th Anniversary collection consists of two eyewear retainers, Surfshorts Wallet, a new hat and apparel designs, and other river-focused accessories. All incorporate vibrant new graphics drawing from the brand’s heritage on the Colorado River and feature the brand’s mascot, the Booby Bird.

The initial launch of the Chums 40th Anniversary Collection includes the Original Eyewear Retainer, Neoprene Eyewear Retainer and Surfshorts Wallet.

“Nothing can ruin a good time like lost shades, drenched gear or a phone taking an unexpected swim. Chums is leaning hard into our heritage with vibrant new updates to some of our most popular products designed to help you hang on to the things that matter when it matters,” commented Ben Falkson, marketing director for Chums.

Chums’ was founded by a Colorado River guide who invented the Original Cotton eyewear retainer to prevent clients from losing their sunglasses on the water. The brand evolved to include floating retainers, dry bags and other protective accessories to keep essentials dry and damage-free.

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Photos courtesy Chums