Callaway Golf Company said that throughout the 2010 season, it will provide a full set of its new Diablo Edge golf clubs to any big league player who hits a home run that travels a distance of at least 470 feet. According to, which collects data on every long ball, there were 10 such home runs in 2009. An additional 27 home runs traveled between 460 and 469 feet.

“Driving the ball longer than anyone else during competition takes talent and a bold approach that we want to reward in 2010,” said Jeff Colton, Sr. Vice President of U.S. Marketing and Sales, Callaway Golf. “Ballplayers that embody the attitude and skill that it takes to drive a ball 470 feet and longer are exactly the type that would want to play our new Diablo Edge clubs, which are perfect for anyone looking to blast the ball longer and straighter than ever before.”