Footwear families are being forced to evacuate their homes due to fast-moving wildfires devastating California.

We have already started receiving calls from families who need help — and we anticipate receiving hundreds more requests for assistance.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed and there is a high concentration of footwear employees in the areas where critical fires are still burning.

Your colleagues need your help right now!
Contact Kelli-Beth Vecchione at if you have any questions.
Anyone working in the footwear industry is encouraged to contact Two Ten for help at
 or apply for assistance online

Two Ten Footwear Foundation
will provide emergency financial assistance, referral services and counseling to footwear employees and their families who have been affected by the devastating wildfires in California and surrounding areas. The most immediate need is to get these families into safe, temporary housing and make sure they have basic needs like food and clothing, which we are already starting to do. Many of these footwear families will be forced to start over…with nothing left. We anticipate their needs will increase in the months to come as families begin to assess the damage and rebuild their lives.