Dropping today globally, retailers celebrate Burley’s 40th Anniversary
with kid-specific Sport and Performance Trailers for Spring 2019

“From a technology, safety and design standard, our new collection of child performance and sport bike trailers are by far the most feature-rich that we have ever produced. For more than 40 years, we’ve been encouraging people to get outside and pursue their passions. We know that life isn’t simple, and time is short, but we’re committed to making adventuring easier with thoughtfully designed products that keep you moving.” — Allison Straub, President, Burley Design


For Spring 2019, Burley expanded and modified the upper tier of the brand’s child bike line with sport trailers. The trailer with handlebar comes standard with a one-wheel stroller kit. Customers can bike|stroll out of the box without the purchase of supplemental accessories and the carriers feature a one-hand recline function. The double passenger D’Lite X and Cub X are reclinable. The features are available in the D’Lite X, D’Lite, D’Lite Single, and Cub X. The Encore X and Encore Sport trailers are updated versions of the original Encore. All Burley conversion kits are also updated for functionality and ease of use. Visit burley.com for more information.

Photos courtesy Burley