Brute Wrestling officially announced their return as a major manufacturer and supplier of wrestling footwear. The initial footwear launch will include the Inception and Xplode, which solidifies Brute as a wrestling company that provides head-to-toe needs of youth, high school and collegiate wrestlers. The innovation and quality construction that has become synonymous with Brute Wrestling has been implemented to ensure wrestlers of all ages and experience levels can own a dependable shoe that maximizes their capabilities.

The Inception is Brute Wrestling's “stylish, high-tech, and performance driven” offering with a suggested retail price of 85 US Dollars. Utilizing revolutionary materials, the Inception is constructed to be highly breathable and durable while remaining lightweight. A specially crafted outsole paired with a slippery upper is designed to maximize grip while creating a surface designed for a wrestler to slide across the mat. Brute integrated construction elevates the heel putting the athlete in the proper athletic position to takedown the competition.

The Xplode and Xplode Youth are available at suggested retail prices of 55 and 45 US Dollars, respectively. What can be considered a budget shoe goes well beyond the expectations of its MSRP. The upper fuses suede leather and breathable mesh to provide comfort, grip, and unmatched durability. The outsole mimics the Inception’s specially crafted outsole. Velcro closures replace traditional laces on the Xplode Youth providing younger wrestlers with a fast and simple fastening system.

Current and future wrestlers will be easily impressed by either option of Brute’s footwear. The Inception and Xplode combine form and function in a way that only Brute Wrestling could implement. Over 40 years experience as a leader in the wrestling industry aided in the creation of unmatched durability and performance in the new footwear line. Brute Wrestling’s current dedication to groundbreaking design and style aided in creating footwear that is eye-catching both on and off the mat.

Availability on the Xplode, Xplode Youth, and the Inception begins September 1st through authorized Brute Wrestling dealers.

As the first U.S. company to sell wrestling products by mail order, Brute Wrestling originated in 1967 as the Henson Company, Inc. in the residence of its founder, Captain Josiah Henson.