Brooks Running has added Garrett Heath and Erica Moore to its roster of sponsored athletes.

Brooks Running has added two standout middle-distance runners Garrett Heath and Erica Moore to its roster of sponsored athletes.

They will both join the Beasts team, which is now one year old and is three times its original size.
“The Beasts are now unimpaired, we are lock, stock and barrel,” said Brooks Beasts Head Coach Danny Mackey. “A big advantage to being on the Brooks Beasts is that we function like a team, so with a full roster the athletes can train together and use that synergy to achieve goals they could not do alone.”
Moore joins the team with a bronze medal from the 2012 world indoor championships and a PR of 1:59.97 and a title from the 2012 U.S. indoor championships in the 800m run.
“This group has all the facets necessary to produce successful athletes with the bonus of having the journey there be extremely enjoyable,” she said.
Focusing on the longer end of the mid-distance spectrum, Heath most recently won the invitational 4K race at the Bupa Great Edinburgh Cross Country Race in a time of 11:51. Garrett has a 1500 PR of 3:34.10 and a 5K PR of 13:20.
“I’m excited to have a great team to train and chase the running dream with here in Seattle,” said Heath.
“Erica and Garrett were essential to making sure that we have athletes in the 1500m and 800m that can have immediate impact on the Global level,” said Mackey. “They are both proven, but still have untapped potential.”
The additions of Erica and Garrett, along with new teammate Nick Symmonds, highlight Brooks’ investment into competitive running and its unique vision for sponsored athletes where teamwork, culture and running performances are all celebrated.