Blackcrows, the manufacturer of performance ski products and apparel, is introducing its latest addition to backcountry skiing— the Draco Freebird.

The Draco Freebird offers a double-rocker with a long turning radius and generous width for free riders looking to amp up their touring game and “blends the best of big mountain skiing and Freebird agility” for the most challenging backcountry terrains.

Developed in collaboration with Blackcrow athletes Nikolai Schirmer, Christina “Lusti” Lustenberger and Sam Favret, the Draco Freebird “is the ski for those who want to be wild and creative in the backcountry,” said Blackcrows.

“The Draco Freebird is lightweight enough for the ascent, yet still has the power, precision and stability for descents,” said Schirmer. 

Lusti said, “When you’re stepping into these huge places, you want to have absolute confidence.” The ski is designed for ski touring and big lines—a wide ski to keep you floating, big turning radius and a double rocker to keep it playful.”

For more product information, go here.  

Photo courtesy Blackcrows