Black Diamond Equipment has hired Richard Luskin, a California-based attorney who has been handling the majority of the company’s legal affairs for the past 4 years, to serve as In-house Corporate Counsel.

Luskin’s newly created position was born of Black Diamond’s respect for and dedication to professional and proactive legal counsel. As In-house Corporate Counsel, Luskin will develop Black Diamond’s legal strategies and advise the company’s management team on matters such as product liability, warnings & tagging, intellectual property, trade, and anti-trust. Luskin will manifest a “preventative law approach” to avert and minimize legal entanglements for Black Diamond, while maximizing the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and ability to achieve its goals.

Luskin boasts an impressive legal background on a wide range of matters, including, among others, intellectual property, general business, insurance, environment and personal injury. In 1987, he gained national attention challenging the development of the Resort at Squaw Creek in a sensitive Sierra Nevada alpine meadow. Luskin also created Environment Now, an environmental foundation funded by Frank Wells, President of Disney and original Seven Summiter. Through Environment Now, Luskin initiated numerous preservations and restorations of coastal, freshwater and forest ecosystems worldwide. In addition to his broad legal background, Luskin worked for several years as a ski patrolman, national park climbing ranger, Peace Corps volunteer and river guide and is a passionate skier, climber, pilot and pro bono defender of climbers and the environment.