Bio Lite brings clean cooking and charging to thousands of people.

The Founders of Bio Lite, Jonathan and Alec, pictured below, share a passionate commitment to bringing portable energy to the world. The brand has grown from its first BioLite CampStove to over 20 products across cooking, charging and lighting, and continues to create solutions that are revolutionizing the way people experience energy on a personal scale. Listen to their mission here.

BioLite’s latest product, SolarHome 620, is the brand’s first crossover product that turns any space into an electrified home and is currently in use across 40,000 homes in western Kenya and for campers off the grid.

Half the world still lives in energy poverty, lacking safe and reliable ways to cook, charge and light their daily lives. Watch The Power Of Home film below from BioLite and see the impact that one portable piece of equipment—the SolarHome 620—is making in the lives of thousands.

Photos and films courtesy BioLite