Big Rock Sports will hold its first-ever national Outdoor Expo in Nashville, TN from January 7–9, 2019. Based on previous years where the company held two regional shows, the company is seeing strong registration numbers for this bigger buying event. More telling is the number of first-time attendees who will join retailers that have taken part in the company’s shows for multiple decades.

“Retailers are looking forward to access with the industry’s best brands in Nashville. They know that one national show means quicker access to our vendors and better buying opportunities than ever before. Because of all these factors and folks sharing our excitement about Nashville as the location, we’re seeing many familiar and new faces sign up for our Outdoor Expo,” said Big Rock Sports CEO Ed Small.

Big Rock Shows have always provided outdoor retailers with buying opportunities for the best and newest freshwater and saltwater fishing, camping equipment and shooting sports products. Nashville represents a look ahead to next year’s seasons, but the company is not forgetting the past and what got them to this moment. During the Expo’s first evening, a fun and festive event is planned that will remind longtime customers of the regional shows’ era. As in previous years, attendees will also have plenty of opportunities to meet and network with manufacturers, other outdoor retailers and Big Rock Sports executives.

On the show’s final day, Big Rock’s signature Hot Profit event will wow Big Rock customers with some of the best deals ever presented. The Outdoor Expo will close with a massive Grand Prize Giveaway, with huge prizes available only to those who attend. The Outdoor Expo is exclusively offered to Big Rock Sports customers. More information is available at