Bajio Sunglasses will launch its first collection of performance sunglasses at retail on March 1.

Bajio, Spanish for the shallows, draws inspiration from “flats worldwide and seeks to bring sustainably built sunglasses featuring blue light filtering lenses to the market”.

Its first collection features 12 frames and six lens options, which allows consumers to customize their sunglasses.

Bajio is led by industry veterans in the eyewear category, including its founder and President, Al Perkinson. With more than 35 years in the conservation and fishing industries, the team includes young creatives who together are building an authentic brand to engage “with younger members of the fishing community.”

“We are investing heavily in lens technology and focusing on lenses that manage blue light,” commented Perkinson. “The sun produces more blue light than any other source, and our lenses filter out the blue light that reaches the eyes. Less strain and fatigue means fresh eyes and more fun on the water.”

Bajio strives to minimize its impact on the planet and the oceans. Frames come from plant-based materials, including castor beans and coconut husks. Lenses come from recyclable glass. Sunglass cases are made from unused materials from the manufacturing of other glasses cases, and all products ship in 100-percent recycled packaging.

“Our oceans are the recipients of so much trash that we generate on this planet,” said Perkinson. “That’s why we feel it’s critically important to be as sustainable as possible in everything we make and in everything we do.”

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