American Pacific Group (APG) announced that together with Joe Falsetti of Dana Holdings LLC, it has formed Yukon Wellness Holdings LLC a company that will serve as a platform to acquire and grow consumer wellness brands. Also, Yukon Wellness acquired Eu Natural, a provider of vitamin and mineral nutritional supplement products.

Vinay Amin, Eu Natural’s founder and brand President, said, “Eu Natural was founded with the simple goal of empowering its customers and their health. Since 2013, we have worked to build an extensive product portfolio, a great team and a strong base of highly valued customers. We are excited to join the Yukon Wellness platform as we collectively work toward delivering high-quality wellness products to consumers.”

Fraser Preston, managing Partner, APG, commented, “We are excited to launch Yukon Wellness and to welcome Eu Natural as the platform’s first acquisition. We have been impressed by what the Eu Natural team has achieved in recent years and look forward to working with them to drive continued growth for Eu Natural and for the other businesses we hope to partner with through the Yukon Wellness platform.”

Logo courtesy Eu Natural