Aviron raised $4.5 million in funding. Investors included Samsung Next, Formic Ventures, GFC, and Y Combinator.

Aviron said that the company’s product “combines increased confidence, problem-solving, resiliency benefits of gaming with non-impact, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for an engaging, calorie-reducing rowing workout that taps into users’ competitive side.” Aviron offers workout options including games and peer-to-peer live racing modules.

“I founded Aviron to combat the monotonous exercise machines I saw at the gym and provide users with a more engaging experience that leverages positive gaming psychology for increased cognitive and physical strength,” said Aviron CEO and Founder Andy Hoang. “I’m very excited that this funding will allow us to continue to grow the company and keep up with the boom in demand for the product and continue to deliver exciting, enjoyable workout experiences to users.”

“COVID-19 has accelerated consumer adoption of experiences that blur the digital and physical worlds faster than we anticipated,” said Antonio Key, investor, Samsung Next. “The sharp rise in the popularity of at-home fitness puts Aviron at the forefront of a market for those who prefer self-directed, competitive, high-intensity interval (HIIT) training. We are thrilled to play a part in Aviron’s journey to be the world’s leading connected fitness entertainment platform.”

“Coming from the gaming industry, I’ve seen the power of gamification to motivate people and bring them into sports”, said Michale Antonov, Founder, Formic Ventures and co-founder, Oculus. “I am happy to support Aviron in their mission of making fitness more engaging, inspiring us to exercise and lead healthier lives.”

Aviron launched in 2018 to the commercial market in gyms, multi-family housing and hotels worldwide including YMCAs and Gold’s Gyms in the U.S. before launching to the consumer market in mid-2020. The company said it had seen “strong growth for a seed-stage company, surpassing 2020 revenue in the first quarter of 2021 and doubling its user base in the same period.”

Photo courtesy Aviron