Apex Outdoor Sales Group is representing the DKOTA Grizzly men’s lifestyle apparel line in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

“Apex Outdoor Sales is thrilled to become the DKOTA Grizzly representatives in the South Central area,” said Vanessa Downey. “The brand has an established presence in many fine shops throughout the region, and we plan to leverage our relationships and experience to accelerate its growth. Their aesthetics and quality resonate with consumers in our territory, and we look forward to partnering with the brand in the coming seasons.”

DKOTA Grizzly continues to focus its U.S. distribution with independent retailers.

Joel Anderson, vice president, marketing and sales, DKOTA Grizzly said, “We are very excited about Vanessa and her team joining DKOTA. Apex Outdoor Sales comes highly recommended, and we look forward to them continuing the strong growth we have seen in that territory.