Anta, a leading sportswear brand in China, signed boxer Manny Pacquiao, who has won world boxing titles in eight different weight categories.

At the signing ceremony in Las Vegas, Anta introduced the “Fight On” themed Pacquiao series. In addition to signing Zou Shiming and Yang Lianhui, two Chinese professional boxers, the brand hopes the signing of Pacquiao will improve its brand influence across the globe, as well as help strengthen its presence in the training and boxing market.

Commenting on the signing of Pacquiao, Jie Zheng, president of Anta, said, “Pacquiao is not only a great boxer, but he serves as a great role model for all sports enthusiasts. He is strict with his training routine and never gives up, which is in keeping with the brand spirit of Anta. Furthermore, Anta and Pacquiao are determined to inspire all customers to continue to ‘Fight On.'”

“Not only is it a leading brand in China, but it has a strong global influence,” Pacquiao said. “I have followed Anta’s development in boxing, and got more details from Zou Shiming. Undoubtedly Anta is very professional in the research and development of boxing products as well as the promotion of boxing events.”

Pacquiao joins Anta basketball athletes Kevin Garnet and Klay Thompson, as well as ultra-marathon runner Chen Penbin.