Amer Group is looking for a new location for its Wilson Sporting Goods factory located in the Irvine Industrial Estate in England. The factory assembles golf clubs and also acts as the distribution center for the U.K. Amer also plans to lay off about 10% of the 90-person work-force in late summer as part of a restructuring plan.

Wilson Sporting Goods Managing Director, Allan Bond, told a local paper that Amer is in fact looking for a new location, but the facility will still remain in Irvine. “Business is very different from when we set up in Irvine in 1962,” he said. “If the right site came up then we might plump for a move, but it would have to be in Irvine.”

This was said in an effort to calm workers who had expressed concerns about their jobs moving to a new distribution center on the continent. “Amer are totally committed to sporting equipment. They have divested themselves of their other interests to concentrate on this very important market,” said Bond.