Amer Group Plc is reorganising its management structure. As of 28 January 2004, the Group's Executive Team will consist of Mr Roger Talermo, President & CEO; Mr Pekka Paalanne, Senior Vice President & CFO; Mr Max Alfthan, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications; and Mr Kari Kauniskangas, Senior Vice President, Sales & Distribution. Mr Paalanne will also act as Deputy to the President & CEO.

The Amer Sports Executive Board, which comprises the Executive Team and the Presidents of the Group's businesses, will continue to work together to ensure that Amer Sports' strategy is consistently implemented in all its businesses. The members of the Amer Sports Executive Board are Roger Talermo (Chairman), Pekka Paalanne, Max Alfthan, Kari Kauniskangas, Mr Paul Byrne (Fitness Equipment, Precor), Mr Dan Colliander (Sports Instruments, Suunto), Mr Chris Considine (Team Sports, Wilson), Mr Steve Millea (Golf & Racquet Sports, Wilson) and Mr Michael Schineis (Winter Sports, Atomic).
Additionally, a head office Management Team has also been established. Members of this group, in addition to the Executive Team members, are Mr Eero Alperi (MIS & Supply Chain Development), Ms Christel Berghäll (Human Resources), Mr Heikki Koponen (Legal Affairs), Mr Jari Melgin (Treasury & Investor Relations) and Mr Kai Tihilä (Business Planning & Control).

Mr Kari Kauniskangas who now will be a member of the Executive Team has previously been the President of Amer Sports Europe in Munich. Mr Kauniskangas will be located in Helsinki, Finland, and report to Mr Roger Talermo, President & CEO of Amer Group.