AFIRM, the Association of Fitness Industry Retailers & Manufacturers, and Sales Makers International jointly announced a formal relationship wherein Sales Makers will become AFIRM’s European liaison.  In a separate announcement, Sales Makers has become a member of AFIRM.

“We couldnt be happier than to have a company like Sales Makers representing our interests in Europe,” said AFIRM Executive Director Chuck Leve.  “Sales Makers Doug Miller is an industry veteran who knows all the players.  His expertise will vastly help our global efforts to help manufacturers and retailers in fitness.”

Sales Makers International was founded in 1979, specializing in sales and marketing to golf and Health Clubs through on-site and internet-based sales programs, globally.  Founders Doug Miller and Ray Gordon are frequent presenters at all of the major fitness industry Conventions.

“I would like to see AFIRM become a true International Association, since the same issues that confront our fellow members in the US are common here in Europe,” said Miller.  “Almost all of the current AFIRM members are doing business in Europe and I would like to see more European companies get involved with this Association.”

Through their offices in Europe, and by virtue of Miller’s nearly 20 years of experience in the European fitness industry, AFIRM selected a company with their pulse squarely on the heartbeat of the European fitness industry.

“Ive been following the development of AFIRM and fully support its mission and vision,” said Miller.  “Ive known Chuck Leve for almost 30 years, and the fact that he’s the Executive Director is a plus.  Chuck knows the issues that affect our businesses.”

“We would even like to see a European Advisory Board created to further the benefits and networking to assist all members to increase their respective businesses.” said Miller.  “We go to shows selling our products and we dont really get a chance to network amongst ourselves. I think we would find that were competitors second and our first priority is shared – increasing our business – which in turn increases our customer’s business, which in turn allows the consumer to get better product.  A win-win-win situation!”

“Doug Miller and I have known each other since the fitness industry’s infancy,” said Leve.  “We see eye-to-eye on virtually all of the major issues confronting the industry and I look forward to working with him to bring AFIRM’s message to European manufacturers.”