Adidas opened its new automated warehousing and distribution center in Suzhou, China, covering an area of 139,000 square meters, and reportedly will set a “new industry standard with its high degree of speed and flexibility in warehousing logistics.”

Adidas’ new facility can process over one million pieces a day, with the capacity to hold ten million pieces of apparel and footwear.

The company’s logistics robot solution addressed various challenges faced in Adidas’ logistics and warehousing operations, including customizations for item location detection, enhancing operational safety and aligning with human/machine collaboration. The plant also optimizes robot handling efficiency through intelligent scheduling logic, elevating overall efficiency and improving the work experience for logistics center employees.

Harm Ohlmeyer, global CFO at Adidas, said, “With the establishment of this center, Adidas aims to ramp up supply chain responsiveness, boost operational efficiency and elevate the consumer experience. We envision these logistics advancements to provide valuable insights for Adidas’ global expansion.”

Photo courtesy Adidas