Six months ago, The Accell Group, which is one of Europe’s largest bicycle and parts manufacturers, decided to make its first foray onto U.S. soil by bringing its LaPierre brand across the Atlantic. The experiment apparently worked and now the company has expanded its presence with the acquisition of Seattle Bike Supply. SBS is based in Seattle, and has annual sales of around $36 million with distribution in most specialty bike dealers throughout North America.

Accell feels that after Europe, North America is the second most important market for bicycles, bicycle parts, and accessories. The distribution network is expected to be an excellent complement to Accell’s current, limited activity and also offers opportunities in the field of fitness equipment. SBS also has a number of brands which have so far seen very little distribution in Europe.

René Takens, chairman of the Board of Accell Group said, “The North American bicycle market is interesting to us because after Europe it is the second largest market where high-quality bicycles are sold on a large scale. Moreover, there is a clear trend in North America towards healthier living and more exercise, and the bicycle plays a key role in this. National and state authorities in the United States have launched campaigns to encourage Americans to cycle more. Meanwhile, more new bikes than new cars are sold annually in the United States.”