A4, the manufacturer for performance athletic sportswear and team uniforms based in Los Angeles, has launched a new “TEK Fusion Cotton” performance-enhanced T-shirt collection.

“We have turbocharged the performance of cotton and maintained the wicking prosperities of polyester,” says Mark Mertens A4's president. “This revolutionary new fabric is knitted with over 2,800 stitches per sq. inch with the finest gauge ring spun poly/cotton yarns. The cotton pulls the moisture away from your body and the micro fiber polyester disperses the moisture across thousands of horizontal and vertical tracks  so it evaporates quickly.”
He added, “Fusion cotton dries in one tenth the time that regular cotton does. There is no need to feel guilty about abandoning the comfort of cotton. The “Fusion Tee” has capture the best of both the performance and ring spun products.”

A4 will Start shipping Fusion Tees for Men and Women in the first quarter of 2011.

The 43-year old Los Angeles based company offers football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and softball uniforms for schools, clubs, and universities.