Effective immediately, four Rawlings composite hybrid bats have been added to Little League Baseball's approved list for the 2011 calendar year.

Rawlings' 5150 Composite Hybrid (YB5150H), Rawlings 5150 Exogrid (YB51XO), Rawlings Rush Gold (YBRSHGD) and Rawlings Rush Gold Lite (YBRSHGL) join 48 previously-approved non-wood/non-composite bats licensed for the 2011 Little League season.  

The newly LLB-licensed Rawlings bats feature a composite handle and alloy barrel.  Little League approved of their licenses last Thursday.

“We are waiting along with other manufacturers to get information back from the waiver process for older model, 100-percent composite bats,” said Tim Lord, vice president of bats for St. Louis-based Rawlings, a subsidiary of Jarden Team Sports.  “During the wait, we want to make sure we publish a list of high-performance, Little League-approved bats that consumers can purchase now and in the coming weeks to use this season.”

Since Little League announced its composite bat moratorium in late December, both team and retail accounts across the country have decided to increase the number of high-performance aluminum youth baseball bats in their inventories, such as Dick's Sporting Goods recently increasing its assortment of Rawlings 5150 Exogrid bats.

Alloy/Metal Barrel           
Rawlings    TARYBRAP    Raptor   
Rawlings    YB1AM    Ambush   
Rawlings    YB3       
Rawlings    YB350    Raptor   
Rawlings    YB5150A    5150 Alloy   
Rawlings    YB51XO    5150 Exogrid   
Rawlings    YB650    Nemesis   
Rawlings    YBAPX    Apex   
Rawlings    YBARS    Arsenal   
Rawlings    YBARS2    Arsenal   
Rawlings    YBBL    Bull   
Rawlings    YBCBLT2    Cobalt   
Rawlings    YBCLBR    Caliber   
Rawlings    YBCLBR2    Caliber   
Rawlings    YBCLBR3    Caliber   
Rawlings    YBFL    Fuel   
Rawlings    YBFL2    Fuel   
Rawlings    YBFL3    Fuel   
Rawlings    YBFL4    Fuel   
Rawlings    YBFL5    Fuel   
Rawlings    YBFL6       
Rawlings    YBLMP    Plasma   
Rawlings    YBLMPG    Plasma   
Rawlings    YBNEM    Nemesis   
Rawlings    YBNEM2    Nemesis   
Rawlings    YBPLA2    Plasma   
Rawlings    YBPLAS    Plasma   
Rawlings    YBRAP    Raptor   
Rawlings    YBRAP2    Raptor   
Rawlings    YBRAP4    Raptor   
Rawlings    YBRAP5    Raptor   
Rawlings    YBREC    Recon   
Rawlings    YBREC2    Recon   
Rawlings    YBREN    Renegade   
Rawlings    YBREN2    Renegade   
Rawlings    YBREN3    Renegade   
Rawlings    YBRIV    Rival   
Rawlings    YBRIV2    Rival   
Rawlings    YBRSHGL    Rush Gold Lite   
Rawlings    YBSLVR    Plasma Silver   
Rawlings    YBSTRV2    Strive   
Rawlings    YBSTRV3    Strive   
Rawlings    YBSVG    Savage   
Rawlings    YBSVG2    Savage   
Rawlings    YBTRMP    Triumph   
Rawlings    YBTRMP2    Triumph   
Rawlings    YBVCTY    Velocity   
Rawlings    YBVCTY2    Velocity   
Rawlings    YBVCTY3    Velocity   
Composite Handle/Alloy Barrel       
Rawlings    YB51XO    5150 Exogrid    1/27/11
Rawlings    YB5150H    5150 Hybrid    1/27/11
Rawlings    YBRSHGD    Rush Gold    1/27/11
Rawlings    YBRSHGL    Rush Gold Lite    1/27/11

Rawlings is a leading manufacturer and marketer of sporting goods in the United States and a subsidiary of Jarden Team Sports.