Italian-based Northwave and eVent fabrics have designed the 2015 Northwave Arctic Jacket in anticipation for the coming season with the newest eVent ePTFE membrane technology, called DVstretch. The high-performance jacket will be on the market in October 2015.

This is the first time the eVent air permeable ePTFE membrane technology will be used in the company’s winter apparel. The partnership between the two companies was just decided in early 2015, premiering on the market with the Arctic Jacket.

The goal? Offer top-of-the-line protection and comfort for winter riding. The secret? eVent’s new windproof DVstretch membrane solution. Used in a three-layer BP Puma laminate from ITTTAI-Bel Punto S.r.l, the laminate covers the whole front and back surfaces of the jacket providing protection from the wind, while being highly breathable.

However, of all traits, DVstretch is sought out for its unprecedented degree of elasticity. The BP Puma fabric can stretch 35 percent and fully recover. In union with DVstretch, Northwave apparel adds Lombardia, a soft gauzed fabric, fabric under the Jacket arms to better fit the body.

Global Product Manager for eVent fabrics Chad Kelly said, “This combination of performance benefits is ideal for aerobically demanding sports like cycling. Cyclists generate a lot of heat and moisture, which needs to quickly escape through their clothing. But they also require essential protection from the wind and weather.”

The Arctic Jacket is in Northwave’s “Be Visible, Be Safe” collection of products. The piece features Pixel reflective inserts for even greater visibility. This unique technology uses reflective elements printed directly into the fabric, making a larger area of the jacket reflective. Pixel reflective inserts are also softer than typical reflective inserts, used primarily in the collar, sleeves and back of the Arctic.

“On its own, Northwave has built a strong reputation in winter products by delivering protection and top-level performance to cyclists,” said Northwave founder and owner Gianni Piva. “Partnering with eVent fabrics is the next step forward.”

Since 1999, eVent fabrics have attempted to set the standard for truly air permeable and waterproof membranes in textiles. The technology used to create eVent membranes was invented in the 90s to improve the pollutant-capturing performance of air filtration systems and give superior protection to industrial machinery. eVent fabrics are most commonly used in outdoor, wintersports and cycling apparel and footwear.

Northwave aims to create everything a cyclist might need, excluding the bicycle. The 2015 Arctic Jacket will join the catalog of technical jerseys, shorts, sunglasses, helmets, jackets and accessories.