The golden rule of gear is you want it made by those who use it. The gang at Soleus, officially Soleus Running, are just that – runners. Based in the active community of Austin, TX, the company has distinguished itself as an important player in the running accessories category, focusing on fit trackers, heart rate monitors and style-driven watches.

But as the run category evolves, new products have to serve the varying personalities of the modern-day runner. With simple, intuitive and high-performance technology and design, Soleus adds three new GPS options to meet the demands of every runner from field to trail to road.

By sourcing new tracking technology and asking some of the fastest sponsored athletes, like Nick Symmonds and Alysia Montaño, to give their input, Soleus developed the One, Fly and Turbo.

“Our relationships with runners all over world, especially our elite athletes, gives us tremendous insight into the needs and wants of every type of runner,” said Soleus Founder and CEO, David Arnold. “Our goal is to have a full portfolio of products and with One, Fly and Turbo, we’re serving a growing and diverse population of runners.”

Soleus GPS One

Soleus GPS One

The One, $79, is launched as Soleus’ simplest model. The word simple may be a deception, however. One is made for the old-school runner – who leaves the house for a run with nothing but their shorts and shoes. With the accuracy of Soleus’ GPS technology, the One maintains a classic and flair-free look with a one-touch start while doing the job it needs to do – track. The face display shows three lines of data – run time, pace and distance – and does not electronically hold a record of the data.


Soleus GPS Fly

Fly, $99, is upgraded from the best selling Fit, with features like smaller casing and bandwidth, cleaner user interface with descriptive icons, and four new colors. The Fly will track everything from time, pace, distance and calories burned, with the ability to upload to online training logs and social media. For the runner who likes more interaction in their training, the Fly is a step up from the lone-wolf features of the One. Although Fly is a metamorphosis of the former Fit, both the One and the Turbo are entirely new breeds.

Soleus GPS Turbo

Soleus GPS Turbo

Turbo, $129, as the name suggests is for the runner that is fully engrained in real-time active tracking, and likes a boost of motivation when fatigue hits. All metrics of GPS information are provided on the Turbo including time, pace, distance, a pre-determined “Pace Partner” tool, pace alerts to keep runners on track with your set goal and “Auto Pause” that can identify a halt in forward movement, used to make up for unintended detours and slow-downs. With equal social compatibility as the Fly, Turbo workouts can be synced to online training groups and allows the runner to upload and store workouts.

Soleus believes that through more affordable market options like their new GPS watches, the scope of running and accessories will grow in total.