Zamst U.S., a brand of the Nippon Sigmax Group, officially announced a senior leadership change.

Effective immediately, the former general manager of global business division at Nippon Sigmax Co. Ltd., Yosuke Suzuki, will serve as president of Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd. succeeding his father Kozo Suzuki.

Former President Kozo Suzuki, founded Nippon Sigmax Co. Ltd. in 1973, and the company went on to become a Japanese orthopedics market leader. The company’s mission is to deliver products and services that support individuals’ active lifestyles and quests to improve their physical health.

In 1992, Nippon Sigmax Co. Ltd. leveraged its extensive experience in the medical field to expand into diverse markets that focus on improving health and wellness through sports. Zamst was then born with athletes in mind, providing products to support the muscles of the world’s elite athletes, enabling them to push themselves further and harder.

Zamst has supported professional athletes and elite competitors for over 25 years. Today, the company works with in sport bracing products, providing the highest level of protection and support on the market, as evident by their partnerships with some of the world’s greatest athletes, including Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller, Olympians Ryan Getzlaf and Amy Cragg, Everest Summit Mountaineer Melissa Arnot Reid, and more.

“Like his father, Yosuke Suzuki, brings a truly original innovative spirit and passion to the Nippon Sigmax Group that will help consumers in the medicine, sports and healthcare fields,” said Hajime Takada, CEO of Zamst and Sigmax America Inc. “Zamst has become a globally-recognized name, and our support products are highly sought after by the world’s best athletes, physical therapists, trainers and doctors. Under Yosuke Suzuki’s guidance, I am confident that the brand will continue to create new, innovative injury solutions, incorporate customer feedback to improve product quality and communicate our brand and products to wider audiences. We are privileged to have had such astounding leadership and look forward to our progressive future.”