X-Vision Optics has partnered with new sales agencies in the U.S., including Professional Marketing, Inc. and Maschmedt & Associates, which the company expects will enhance its market presence with nationwide coverage, leveraging their network and expertise in the outdoor, hunting, shooting, military, and LE industries.

“We are thrilled to partner with Professional Marketing, Inc. (PMI), Maschmedt & Associates, and others,” said Kimberly Jensen, VP of sales and marketing at X-Vision Optics. “Their proven track record and dedication to excellence align perfectly with our commitment to delivering high-quality products.”

X-Vision Optics reported that this collaboration “marks a milestone for the company as it seeks to broaden its market presence and enhance accessibility in all 50 States to its diverse range of night vision and thermal optics solutions.”

Professional Marketing, Inc. offers a “comprehensive approach to marketing and sales, bringing a wealth of experience and strategic insights to the partnership.” Through the company’s established network and track record, X-Vision Optics expects it to be “pivotal in elevating its brand visibility and market penetration.”

“Working with X-Vision Optics is a fantastic opportunity for us,” said CEO Tom Wiley of PMI. “Their innovative products and dedication to quality make them an ideal partner, and we look forward to driving their growth in the market.”

Maschmedt & Associates reportedly brings decades of expertise in serving the shooting sports industry. X-Vision said the company’s “commitment to excellence and dedication to customer service align seamlessly with its values, making them an ideal partner for expanding the brand’s footprint in the Western region.”

“In the dynamic realm of optics, our alliance with X-Vision Optics marks a thrilling milestone for Maschmedt & Associates, offered Steve Johnson, VP, Maschmedt & Associates. With admiration cultivated over time, we’re eager to champion their renowned products, which are known for their exceptional quality, affordability and comprehensive warranty.

“As the night vision and thermal optics sector thrive as a powerhouse within the shooting sports industry, our agency anticipates fostering robust growth for X-Vision Optics in the Western territory,” offered Steve Johnson, VP of Maschmedt & Associates,” concluded Johnson.

Image courtesy X-Vision Optics