Every high school and middle school student participating in a Wyoming High School Activities Association (WHSAA) sponsored activity will now be covered by concussion insurance in 2017.

For years, the WHSAA has been at the forefront of addressing the concussion issue. Now the organization that oversees high school sports and activities is taking another step regarding one of the biggest concerns in athletics these days.

The WHSAA purchased a policy for all of its student participants, approximately 25,000 annually, providing them with zero out-of-pocket costs should they suffer a head injury. Wyoming is the 5th state to provide this coverage for all student participants.

“The WHSAA is pleased to be able to offer this protection for all of our students involved in activity programs,” Commissioner Ron Laird said. “This policy coverage will assist families should their student need to visit a medical professional due to a concussion. With the money we have received through our agreement with the NFHS Network, we have been able to create a revenue stream to cover the approximately $37,000+ premium.”

This is another proactive step by the WHSAA Board of Directors that assures all WHSAA student participants, who are diagnosed with a sport or activity related concussion, will be afforded treatment with no out-of-pocket costs.

“We have been active in attempting to minimize risks for our students for many years with the assistance of our Sports Medicine Advisory Committee,” said Laird. “The WHSAA was one of the first states to establish a rule of not allowing a student to participate after being unconscious during a contest. Student safety remains our number one focus. This is just another opportunity for us to assist in taking care of our student participants.”

The insurance is the HeadStrong Concussion Insurance Program developed by Dissinger Reed Insurance. It covers every student in grades five through twelve participating in any practice or game sanctioned by the WHSAA.

“The WHSAA’s continued commitment to concussion care is exemplary and should be applauded,” said Dissinger Reed owner and CEO, Christian Reed. “Their proactive approach to protecting the young athletes in Wyoming has been fantastic and we are thrilled they are the 5th state association to adopt the HeadStrong program.”

For any claim, the participant’s insurance would first be billed and then the HeadStrong insurance would act as secondary insurance and assist with unpaid deductibles or co-pays. The maximum benefit is $25,000 per injury and there is no deductible per claim.

Since the 1920s, the WHSAA has provided service to all member schools while promoting, coordinating and controlling education-based interscholastic sports and activities in Wyoming. Unification through the WHSAA provides the means for member schools to cooperate in protecting and enhancing their education-based interscholastic programs to more effectively serve students.

Dissinger Reed currently provides customized insurance solutions for over 180 colleges & universities as well as 27 state high school associations across the country and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).