Cabela’s has been considering locating their new superstore and distribution center in Wheeling, WV for some time now, and it appears the town wants them to make up their mind.

The Community Development Board approved a $35 million loan to Cabela’s for site development. The board gave the loan in anticipation that the grant issued to fund the project, which is tied up in litigation until at least November, will be released later.

The bridge loan package includes $12 million from the state Housing Development Fund and $12 million from a group of private banks. The state will ante up the rest to provide $34 million in funds by the Sept. 15 deadline set forth by Cabela's owners.

Most of the money will go towards building infrastructure, including road, water and sewer connections, but the state plans to build several attractions around the Superstore as well.

An additional $6 million of the grant will go for state-owned facilities incorporated into the Cabela's superstore and $3 million is for a taxidermy museum operated by the Division of Natural Resources. A further $2 million is set aside to construct a television studio, and $1 million for a state-of-the-art shooting range.

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