The ITF today relaunches its website as part of its commitment to increase the range and accessibility of tennis information available to all audiences over the internet. Building on the successes of the
Official Davis Cup and Fed Cup websites, which are also designed and managed in-house, the ITF is providing more detailed information on-line than ever before on its activities and circuits.

The new-look website is comprised of a number of micro-sites or ‘weblets’ – one for each key area of focus for the ITF. Initially, general information about
the ITF and its role will be found alongside detailed information in separate weblets for the ITF Men’s, Women’s and Vets Circuits, but this is to be followed shortly by other weblets.

The ITF’s tennis database, Baseline, the world’s most comprehensive centralised repository for tennis results and statistics, is the source of much of the information that can be found on the website. Baseline provides the
site with a huge range of searchable information from calendar details and drawsheet results to player activity and head-to-head reports. As the new website is expanded in the coming months, additional Baseline information
will be made available including tournament fact sheets and entry lists.