The children’s bicycle manufacturer Woom announced the merger of Woom Europe and Woom USA. The merger will “double its global workforce, optimize and enhance product innovation and evolve its supply chain and manufacturing capabilities.”

“Over the past seven years, we have built the foundation for the Woom brand in the U.S. as a distributor,” said Mathias Ihlenfeld, CEO, Woom USA. “As one entity, we will now have the capabilities to serve the brand, team and customers in the U.S., Europe, and globally much deeper, while realizing our mission at scale to empower children to fall in love with riding a bike.”

According to Woom Co-Founder Christian Bezdeka, Woom is “bundling strengths and passion on both sides of the Atlantic ocean to work together for our common goal.”

As part of the merger, Woom USA founder Mathias Ihlenfeld will become one of four managing directors of the new holding company. The previous managing directors, Guido Dohm, Christian Bezdeka and Marcus Ihlenfeld, will also belong to the management of the holding company. The merger will also be accompanied by an increase in staff. By mid-2022, the workforce is expected to double to 300 people worldwide. One hundred of those employees will be headquartered in North America.

Woom has started the process of revising its organizational structures, aligning processes vertically and horizontally.

Photo courtesy Woom