“Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic.”
— Carlo Mollino

Woolrich hosted a private cocktail party last week during Milan Design Week to celebrate Carlo Mollino’s Magical Eye exhibition at the company’s Milan flagship store.

For the 57th edition of the Salone del Mobile di Milano—April 17-22—Woolrich drew inspiration from it’s origins and passion for art, which has always been a characteristic of the brand, to pay homage to Mollino, pictured above, one of Italy’s most influential mid-20th century designers.

Mollino was a creative genius with a refusal to compromise. His freedom of expression was overpowering pushing shapes, materials, mediums and the people he worked with to fantastical limits and pure fantasy. Gifted from an early age, he was an architect, designer, writer, photographer, acrobatic jet pilot, car racer and virtuoso skier. Mollino lived by this credo, producing works that were just as fantastic as his eccentric mind. His designs are coveted today by major art collectors.

A list of who’s who in the design world attended the event—Andrea Canè, Guido Milani, Carlo Capasa, Micol Sabbadini, Lucrezia Buti, Camilla Alibrandi, Fabio Boriello, Angelo Flaccavento, Isabella Traglio, Carmela Cipriani, Helen Nonini, Erika Boldrin, Enrica Fugazzola, Ottavio jr. Missoni, Jane Balzarini, Simone Falcetta, Valentina Siragusa, Alessandra Airò, Evelina, Rolandi, Benedetta Mazzini, Valentina Cabassi, Tommaso Galbarini, Sergio Colantuoni, Amina Marazzi, Gandolfi, Susanna Giaroli, Cristina Marino, Ana Laura Ribas, Gianluca Cantaro, Fabio Novembre, Francesca Cavallin, Giulia Zanchi, Ennio Capasa, Riccardo Crenna e Simona Flacco (simple flair) and Larissa Giers—to pay homage to Mollino and Woolrich.


The Woolrich Milan flagship store, located on Corso Venezia 3, houses the 200-year-old brand’s vast collection, including a museum, and its various spaces are meant to involve customers with Woolrich’s identity and international spirit on all levels.

Photos courtesy Woolrich