Wigwam has long practiced sustainability because it’s simply the right thing to do.

Up until now Wigwam hasn’t talked much about what the company has done to protect our environment, because it’s just the way things have been done since before anyone at the factory can remember. The video here and below, just released by Wigwam, features information on the sustainable efforts Wigwam has built their brand upon and the credo the brand works by … Innovate, Create, Rejuvinate.

Wigwam Initiatives

  • Innovate, Create, Rejuvinate–In 2016 Wigwam partnered with Martex Industries and is working toward repurposing or recycling 100 percent of discarded yarns and defective product to keep them out of landfills.
  • In the first year of this initiative, Wigwam donated over 55,000 pair of socks to people in need, charity organizations and hurricane relief efforts in addition to the over 12 tons of stray fiber that is being repurposed by Martex Fiber Southern Corporation.
  • Factory efficiencies include the use of solar energy to heat water, using previously used hot water to warm incoming water and gray water reuse and treatment.

Photos and video courtesy Wigwam