<span style="color: #999999;">By 2050 scientists predict that the amount of ocean plastic will outweigh marine life. Today, microfibers make up 85-percent of human-made debris on shorelines around the globe. And just one machine wash of synthetic fabrics have the potential to release over 700,000 plastic microfibers into our water system not to mention 152 liters of water per wash.

Icebreaker asks us to Break The Cycle.

Wear one of their Tech-Lite T-Shirts every day, wash it every once in a while. Made from 87-percent natural merino, the fabric is breathable and odor-resistant so you can stay active longer between washes. Less laundry equals less resources down the drain, less plastic pollution washed into our waterways and less impact on the planet.

Imagine a life with less plastic.

Small steps can bring about big changes. Icebreaker is on a mission to raise awareness of the reliance of petrochemical-based synthetics in apparel. Choosing natural fiber alternatives is better for our planet. More natural solutions equal less harm, and that’s good for everyone. Individually, we can all make a difference and collectively, we can start a movement.

Be part of the change. Move to natural.

Icebreaker is encouraging people to take on the #teesforgood challenge. With the proposition, ‘7 days, 1 tee, 0 washes’.

“This season we wanted to drive a message behind our collections and intrinsic to our brand values, one that enables consumers to get involved with a ‘Move to natural’ — a concept designed to show how small steps can provide long-term positive solutions for the environment and our planet. Tees are wardrobe staples, so opting for an Icebreaker tee, which is made with a high percentage of natural merino fibers, is more than a clothing choice, it’s an ethical one, and it’s an easy place to start to make a difference … There has never been a better time to wear your sustainability on your sleeve – ‘Move to natural’ and live a life less plastic.” —  Carla Murphy, Chief Brand and Product Officer, Icebreaker

Icebreaker Tees For Good

Sphere short sleeve low crew, Tech Lite short sleeve low crew, Amplify short sleeve low crew, Kinetica short sleeve crew, and Elements short sleeve low crew.

Photo courtesy Icebreaker