Nokia Scandinavia and WESC have joined forces to launch a special edition of the new music-mobile Nokia 3250. The Nokia 3250 WESC Limited Edition will be manufactured in 500 copies and is designed by WESC.

To fit the mobile lifestyle, the mobile handset has been packed in a Nokia WESC Limited Edition Travel Kit. The package comes with a memory card and a digital version of the WESC Travel Guide. In the guide We-activists Jason Lee (actor), Peter Stormare (actor) and DJ Stretch Armstrong (legendary New York DJ) among which give their tips on the best restaurants, the hottest clubs and the best fast-food places in several major cities around the world. The package also contains other useful tools for the trip such as passport-case, eye-mask, printed travel guide from WESC, headphones from Sennheiser as well as a spare skateboard wheel from Stereo Skateboards.

To make use of the time one spends while waiting for the flight, the bus or the train and to be able to access favourite music on the beach, Nokia 3250 WESC Limited Edition will also ship with 40 preloaded songs.

“WESC is an interesting partner and working with them is all inspiring. The reason for choosing Nokia 3250 as for our first joint project is simply because it is a fantastic phone. It really has got everything you need when travelling – MP3-player that supports memory cards up to 1 GB and a good camera. With the added accessories of this limited edition and the fact that the telephone comes filled with music makes it the perfect travelling partner”, says Johan Rosenlind, Business Manager Entertainment, Nokia Multimedia Nordic.

“WESC has received invitations from several makers of mobile handsets, but Nokia remains the most interesting one and has been very receptive of our ideas. Not least have we been discussing very interesting ideas for the future where we jointly can offer our world to alert people”, says Greger Hagelin, CEO, WESC

Equipped with an MP3-player

By turning the Nokia 3250 keyboard 180 degrees, the user can easily switch between the music controls and the telephone buttons. The music player in the Nokia 3250 supports most digital music formats such as MP3, WMA, M4A and AAC, which vouches for trouble-free downloading and transferring of music. Songs can also be downloaded “over-the-air”, anywhere, whenever and be used as ring tones. Nokia 3250 supports microSD up to 1 GB with a storage capacity of 750 songs.

The Nokia Audio Manager-software lets the user to convert personal CD’s to digital music files and easily transfer complete collections and playlists directly from the computer. Headphones can be connected to Nokia 3250 with a 3.5 mm-plug that comes in the box. Nokia 3250 is especially designed for music and is therefore the first mobile handset on the market to be branded with XpressMusic.

Other features

Nokia 3250 has a 2 megapixel camera that is activated when the phone’s keyboard is turned 90 degrees. With some simple pushes of the buttons, pictures can be sent by MMS or be printed out on a compatible printer over wireless Bluetooth-technology.