Fitness technology company Wahoo has opened a Sports Science Center in Boulder, CO, “dedicated to enhancing athletic performance.”

Wahoo said, “the facility will be at the forefront of driving and informing future innovations, leveraging expert insights and analytics focusing on personalized training, data insights, knowledge, and sports science protocol to inform the world of connected fitness.”

“We’re excited to be launching Wahoo’s new Sports Science Center, which is dedicated to enhancing athletic performance by integrating leading-edge sports science with our comprehensive ecosystem of products and services,” said Wahoo CEO Mike Saturnia. “Wahoo’s products and services are backed by years of research and data analysis and have always been a driving force in what we provide for our athletes. It is a big milestone to have a dedicated sports science hub for our team, and we’re thrilled to provide continued innovation that enables our athletes to grow, evolve and achieve their goals.”

Neal Henderson leads the sports science team, which includes Dr. Ginger Gottschall, director of applied research; Mac Cassin, senior sports scientist; Rupert Harold, operations manager; and Jeff Hoobler, strength and movement specialist.