Vittoria introduced the RideArmor tire range, designed by Vittoria’s engineers to be an all-season tire suitable for training and communicating on all road surfaces and weather conditions, “true armor” to protect cyclists from the dreaded puncture.

A bead-to-bead puncture protection belt, additional sidewall layers and bead shield layers enhance durability and puncture protection. RideArmor boasts the Graphene and Silica compound, Vittoria’s formulation for road tire applications.

Initially featured in Vittoria’s top-tier road tires, the Corsa Pro and Corsa N.EXT, the Graphene and Silica compound ensures durability, comfort and grip during dry/wet conditions and smooth/rough asphalt surfaces. The slick tread design minimizes rolling resistance and maximizes speed, providing a contemporary aesthetic when paired with the black/copper color of the sidewalls.

RideArmor is available in a singular tubeless and tube type, featuring a Nylon 100TPI multi-layer casing solution compatible with tubeless and inner tube setups.

The tire comes in widths ranging from standard road bike sizes (26mm/28mm) to 38mm, catering to various applications, including commuter, city and gravel bikes. All widths from 28mm and above are TSS (Hookless) compatible.

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Image/Graphic courtesy Vittoria