Vimazi released its first pace-tuned walking shoe, the Z90, which joins the brand’s road and trail pace-tuned running shoe collection.

Vimazi biomechanically tuned the Z90 for “comfort and minimum stress” when walking briskly, strolling or working out. The patented technology “balances stiffness and comfort between the heel and forefoot to reduce foot stress and fatigue.” The sock-style design is made with a stretch mesh, making the Z90 “comfortable and easy to slip on and off.” A low-drop rocker and the shoe’s flexibility make for effortless walking.

“Like all Vimazi shoes, the Z90 design is based on science. Compared to running, walking has much lower impact forces with less of a difference between forefoot forces and rearfoot forces. Therefore, it’s important to design walking shoes differently from running shoes. The shoes have a softer overall feel, which improves comfort because there is no flight time and associated sharp impact like there is with running. The difference between heel hardness and forefoot hardness is less because walkers don’t have to propel themselves back up into the air. The Vimazi Z90 is designed according to the dynamics of walking to get the best balance of comfort and stability,” said the company in a release.

“We are excited to add a new walking shoe to our collection because it appeals to a massive audience,” said Vimazi founder and CEO Scott Tucker. “Our brand’s foundation is on making shoes to include everyone and every pace, so we knew we had to make a walking shoe because when you’re not running, you’re walking.”

Photos courtesy Vimazi