Launched with one style of compression socks in 2013, Vim & Vigr has grown to include dozens of styles, three compression levels, four custom fabric blends, with over 1,300 retailers worldwide, and celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

In 2023, the brand reported it “had its best year on record with revenue doubling from 2021. Year-over-year top-line revenue grew by almost 60 percent, with the bottom line exceeding 200 percent growth.”

“Ten years ago, I took a leap of faith launching Vim & Vigr by bootstrapping our order for 10,000 pairs of compression socks in our first production run,” said Michelle Huie, founder of Vim & Vigr. “I really felt that there was a market for Vim & Vigr, and people were ready for something more than the medical or athletic look that had become synonymous with compression socks. Luckily, the research and my hunch paid off, and our first order of 10,000 pairs sold out in three months! One of the best aspects of starting the company has been watching it grow from a side hustle to building an amazing team of passionate, hardworking people that love working together to achieve a common goal. I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished and the level of education we’ve provided our customers around the benefits of compression, taking it from rather dull and medical to vibrantly mainstream.”

Vim & Vigr combines “compression with style to create socks and legwear featuring fashionable designs, happy colors and custom fabric blends.” The woven unisex styles are made with “state-of-the-art machines,” so they “maintain compression levels throughout the day for proven comfort and ease of use.”

Vim & Vigr reported that “compression socks can be worn all day every day and provide scientifically-proven benefits for a broad range of uses including travel, athletics, work, pregnancy, chronic illnesses, and beyond.”

Photo courtesy Vim & Vigr