Vicis Inc. announced a reduced price for the Zero1, its technologically advanced football helmet. As this football season comes to a close, Vicis has updated 2018/19 pricing for the Zero1 with a new list price of $950. The reduction comes as part of a continued effort to make the safest helmet on the market available to as many athletes as possible. The Zero1’s new price will go into effect on January 18, 2018. Team pricing will also be available.

“Our founding goal at Vicis was to use our expertise in engineering and medicine to protect as many athletes as possible,” said Dave Marver, Vicis CEO and co-founder. “Reducing the price of the Zero1 is the next step in that effort as we continue to innovate in football and other sports and work passionately to bring those protective technologies to market.”

The Zero1’s inaugural season was an incredible success. The helmet ranked first in 2017 NFL/NFLPA Helmet Laboratory Performance Testing and was worn by players on 18 NFL teams including Russell Wilson, Alex Smith, and Doug Baldwin. Additionally, Notre Dame announced its intent to outfit its entire roster with Zero1 helmets in 2018.

Driven by its momentum and increased production volume, Vicis has been able to reduce costs and make it easier for teams, schools, booster clubs, and parents to offer athletes the best protective technology. This significant price reduction also accelerates Vicis’ mission to protect athletes of all ages and levels of play. In addition to the reduced price, Vicis offers financing options to make the helmet affordable for more players, and has created a referral program so purchasers of the Zero1 can provide discounts to others on their team.

All helmets ordered by March 30, 2018 will be delivered by July 31, 2018. Quantities are limited, so individuals and teams are encouraged to place orders as soon as possible.

The Zero1 is designed to reduce impact forces, leveraging a novel, multilayered structure built to provide improved impact absorption and a comfortable, anatomically optimized fit. Unlike traditional helmets that are limited by hard exterior shells, the outer shell of the Zero1 yields upon impact like a car bumper.

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Photo courtesy Vicis