Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) has appointed Rafferty Jackson, vice president and general counsel of VF Outdoor, Inc., a subsidiary of VF Corporation, as chairman of the OIA Trade Advisory Council (OIATAC). Jackson has served on OIATAC for several years and takes over leadership from Jeff Tooze, director, global customs & trade, for Columbia Sportswear Co.
As chairman, Jackson will help determine priorities for OIA's trade program and provide guidance on the direction and policy positions of OIATAC. She will also oversee council meetings and lead monthly conference calls of OIA trade advisors.
“I am pleased that Jackson has agreed to take the helm of the Trade Advisory Council,” said Alex Boian, OIA's director of trade policy. “She is an industry leader on trade issues, and her expertise is invaluable.”
“The OIA Trade Advisory Council serves an important policy and action role for OIA members by influencing federal policies and inserting our industry’s unique perspective into the domestic and international trade arena,” said Jackson. “I am grateful for the leadership of Jeff Tooze during the creation and initial years of the council. I look forward to continuing the council’s momentum and pursuing favorable trade policies for the outdoor industry.”
OIA established OIATAC in 2009 to provide a forum for outdoor industry companies to discuss, debate, and advise OIA on the impact of its trade agenda. The 15-member council includes a broad spectrum of large and small outdoor businesses, including suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers, and both importers and domestic producers of outdoor goods. OIATAC advisors meet regularly to evaluate issues related to the import and export of outdoor products and to guide OIA's engagement with lawmakers and administration officials on federal trade policy impacting the industry.

Jackson served her inaugural meeting as chairman at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, marking the beginning of her two-year term.