Vert, a wearable athletic technology company, inked a deal with NCAA basketball program Auburn University, a member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Auburn University will be using the new G-Vert Team System technology for its multi-appendage capabilities. This technology allows coaches to track jump and intensity load on a player’s core and appendages.

Vert debuted its first team system last year with their first NBA client, the Miami Heat.

“We’re excited to use the G-Vert system and see new exertion and stress information on our players to keep them at the top of their game throughout the season,” said Bruce Pearl, Auburn Head Coach.

“My number one goal is to keep our players healthy,” said Damon Davis, strength & conditioning coach, Auburn. “When I learned about the ability to monitor exertion and stress in real-time by appendage, I knew it was a mandatory integration for our program.”

Vert was the first wearable technology used for in-game play in the NCAA. The technology was also recently a part of the 2015 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship games.