Vapur, a manufacturer of flexible, reusable water bottles, will support the Public Lands Alliance (PLA) and provide customized Vapur bottles for attendees of the PLA Convention and Trade Show, which will be held February 12-16, 2017 in Arlington, VA.

As a sponsor of the event, California-based Vapur will provide a portable Vapur Refill Station, manufactured by Elkay, at the event’s registration desk. As an effort to limit the use of single-use water bottles, the Vapur Hydration Program are part of an environmental and health initiative that aims to make re-usable water bottles and drinking water more accessible at National Parks, hotels, corporate headquarters, colleges and other hospitality destinations.

The PLA honored Vapur with a Corporate Stewardship award last year for the company’s work on the Bryce Canyon National Park Hydration Program.

“The Public Lands Alliance is excited to include Vapur’s refillable, flexible water bottles and Refill Station at our convention this year,” said Dan Puskar, executive director at PLA. “Not only is Vapur helping us implement more sustainable practices at our national event, but also they’re sharing a message about reducing waste across public lands as a way to enrich the visitor experience.”

Photo courtesy Vapur