UYN, a Trerè Innovation company based in Italy, debuted its running line for spring 2024. The road, trail and cross-trail shoes are made from socks and sized for men and women.

The proprietary design and technology reflect two years of research and collaboration with Trerè Innovation’s research and design facility, the Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sports (AREAS ) and the Cerism Center of the University of Verona, examining running in outdoor environments and the study of neuro-muscular reactions.

UYN’s running line includes three styles: the Synapsis for road running, the Neuron for trail running and the 6Sense for cross-trail. The three shoes will be available at select specialty stores and online starting in spring 2024.

 “UYN Running represents the future of running footwear, clearly differentiating us from what presently exists in today’s marketplace,” said UYN CEO Marco Redini. “Thanks to this new study methodology, we created the first neuro-reactive running shoe using a distinct structure guaranteeing superior stability and optimal movement control, especially in unforeseeable conditions while running outdoors. The mission of UYN is to enhance the quality of the overall running experience, not just the process of accumulating miles.”

UYN Running’s zero-seam structure wraps around the foot to stabilize it while respecting its shape. The design is intended to prevent abrasion and hot spots and provide flexibility, stability and breathability.

“UYN Running reinforces the brand’s leadership in the sustainability category, providing runners with all the tools they need to excel while minimizing its environmental impact,” continued Redini.

UYN also expanded its Urban Trail collection, adding the AethonArion and Artax, and its Urban Trail Naked now comes in white and all-black.

UYN reported it will open its first store in Boston in fall 2023.

Photo courtesy UYN