The management team of World and Olympics triple gold medalist Usain Bolt has disassociated itself from a statement attributed to Ajani Williams representing Anza Marketing Group (AMG) on a multimillion-US-dollar deal reportedly offered to the sprint sensation.

According to the story published in Tuesday's Gleaner in Jamaica, Williams revealed that conservative valuations show that Bolt could earn around U.S. $115 million from the deal over five years, but there was the potential to exceed $300 million, based on sales in China and the world market. Bolt is currently signed to Puma AG, which reportedly pays the world record holder in the 100- and 200-metre sprints and triple World Championships gold-medallist about US$1.5 million a year.

Below is the statement from Team Usain Bolt.

The Usain Bolt Management team has seen reported in the media, a statement attributed to Ajani Williams representing Anza Marketing Group (AMG) about an offer emanating from China for Usain Bolt.

The Management completely disassociates itself from any approach that AMG may have made to the Chinese company which is reported to have made a lucrative offer. The Management wishes to make it clear that it respects the terms of the valid contract which it has with Puma, which terms, restricts the Management to have any direct contact with a competitor of Puma, the Shoe Contract Sponsor, until after 2010 when the present contract ends.

Furthermore, after 2010, Puma will have the right to match any offer which is received. While AMG has since 2008 been the exclusive Agent of Usain Bolt in China, no meaningful complying offer has been raised by AMG from this very lucrative market since Usain Bolt set spectacular performances in Beijing, China in  the Summer Olympic Games in 2008.

The Bolt Management finds the actions of AMG extremely presumptuous and will not be drawn by AMG into a position of breach of the Puma contract.