Urban Climber Magazine and Outward Bound USA have started a partnership designed to “inspire a new generation to explore their urban wilderness.” The partnership will initially focus on promoting the mission of Outward Bound in the Magazine, and copies of URBAN CLIMBER MAGAZINE will be made available to Outward Bound’s national network of urban centers.

“In the 1980’s, Outward Bound USA decided that it was not enough to bring students and teachers to the wilderness for short courses,” explained John Read, the President of Outward Bound USA. “Outward Bound made the commitment to establish urban centers around the country to make programs more available to urban youth and the people who work with them,” he added.

“Now Outward Bound programs in New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Atlanta weave our core principles into the fabric of their communities through powerful partnerships with schools, school districts, local and regional youth service organizations, and business and civic leaders.” Read said.

“Outward Bound’s urban program is very close the Magazine's heart”, Mark Crowther, Publishing Director of Urban Climber Magazine said. “As with any sports magazine, there's a fun side to URBAN CLIMBER MAGAZINE, but we also want the Magazine to inspire a new generation of climbers to explore their urban landscape, many of whom are discovering the sport of climbing for the first time at indoor climbing facilities,” Crowther added.

“With Urban & Community programs in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Atlanta, over 12,000 of the 65,000 young people and adults we teach every year, experience Outward Bound in an urban environment,” Margaret Miller, Director of Marketing & PR commented. “And, with urban expansion plans in the works, we anticipate that more and more people will discover Outward Bound through urban expeditions,” Miller explained.

“The relationship between Urban Climber Magazine and Outward Bound’s urban programs is fantastic, and we hope beneficial to the public, as we share the common goal of inspiring a new generation to discover the timeless values of Outward Bound by exploring their urban wilderness,” Miller said.